You are in good hands. Our instructors have 60 years of combined experience with handling firearms. Mike and Mark, the owners, enjoy teaching people how to handle and shoot guns properly. They love watching people become comfortable with firearms and then that comfort turn into a hobby. They like working with people who have little to no experience with guns and see their joy as they become more proficient and knowledgeable. They can point out a few correct methods, and watch the surprise in peoples’ eyes when they realize they can shoot accurately!

Mark is retired law enforcement. For his last 6 years he was Lieutenant in charge of firearms training for his department. He is also a Chief Range Safety Officer for his home gun club, and has been a member of the club for 20+ years.

Mike is the designated Chief Range Safety Officer for his home club as well. He has been hunting and target shooting since 1957. He’s an Army veteran and was an expert shot during his service with rifle and pistol along with Archery.  Mike is always ready to assist and answer questions, just drop an email to him, he will be glad to help.

Tom is currently a sworn Police Officer and has shot competitively for his department and also as an individual.  Tom has been a range master for his department and responsible for the firearms training of new officers, tenured officers and has helped with SWAT firearm training in the past.  Tom is also a range safety officer for his home club at Douglas Ridge.