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Cascade Firearms Safety

Cascade Firearms Training feels very passionately about firearms safety.!

Due to the number of firearms and firearm owners, safety is paramount. Accidents don’t just happen, in reality they are planned. By not observing the Ten Safety Rules, accidents will happen.!

Firearm safety is our primary goal. We start with basic firearm safety and build from there. Not only with Cascade Firearm Training will you become proficient in firearm handling but will do so safely.!

With safety comes attitude. The attitude which one learns the importance of training, firearm care & maintenance with an end result being able to handle your pistol, rifle or shotgun in a manner which not only protects you but those around you.!

Safe shooting is our goal. We work with each student to ensure that they know the Ten Safety Rules, and apply them during the class. Safety is everyone’s business.!