Concealed Permit Holder Advanced Class

The purpose of this class is to train in the area of concealed carry and show proficiency in the handling, care and use of concealed firearms. Training will include discussions on reasons to carry, the mindset of concealed carry, the ramifications of concealed carry and the after effects of using a firearm in personal defense.

Students must have a current concealed carry permit, or have been through the NRA Basic Pistol Course to attend this class.

There will be both dry firing and live fire practice as part of this class. Students will need to bring their intended carry firearm, three magazines or speed loaders, appropriate strong side holster(no fanny packs, shoulder holsters or purses) and minimum of 150 rounds of ammunition. WE DO NOT ALLOW RELOADS.

Your firearm must be unloaded and in a gun bag or case when brought to the classroom.

It is the position of Cascade Firearms Training that each student shows proficiency in the use of the carried firearms. As part of this class you will receive a copy of Understanding Oregon’s Gun Laws by Kevin Starrett. This is not an NRA class.

8 – 10 hours $100.00 ea.